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Hospitality News: Tech Upgrades Increase Revenue, Restaurant Text Messaging Dos/Don’ts, Hotels and Tablets

Smaller Technology Upgrades Could Lead to Increased Hotel Revenue

Hotels are accustomed nowadays to technological upgrades so as to increase revenue. A simple improvement in hotel service can increase their guest attendance such as by using Google Floor Plan Marker app. This simply helps users navigate their way around the building from board to guest room and alike. Tech-savvy hotels are the trend in the industry since business travellers most likely will be using their mobile devices at hotels to look for special offers and other services available.

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Mobility technology: Aid to hotel revenue growth

Hotel’s technology corresponds to efficiency and revenue. These days, guests are looking for facilities that can help them stay connected to keep up with news, keep in touch with friends and family and perform several tasks at once.  Mobility technology helps hotels provide an excellent service to guests thus building a lasting loyalty to keep them coming back for more.

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Do’s and don’ts of text-message marketing for your restaurant

Text-message marketing is a good way of promoting restaurants because it produces higher percentage of offers being redeemed rather than e-mail marketing messages and direct-mail messages. In using this type of marketing, always keep in mind the do’s and don’ts so as to achieve a profitable return on investment in your restaurant.

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Market via Text Message in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant industry is now paying more attention to the prowess of the text message marketing. This is a great tool of promoting and advertising what restaurant have in store for their customer such as texting special promotion or just simply having a regular connection with them.

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Tech Trends: Hotels take advantage of tablet computers

Hotels are keeping up the pace with new technology like taking the advantage of tablet computers for customer service. This high-tech device allows for example guest to check rates on a tablet with a website that is meant to be touched rather than sites that are made for a mouse to navigate.

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