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5 Ways Hotels Can Use Text Messaging to Increase Revenue | Hotel Software for SMS

5 Ways Hotels Can Use Text Messaging to Increase Revenue

It is no secret that text messaging is fast and efficient, making it the preferred method of communication for people to interact with friends, family and work. Now, hotels can adopt this service as one of many hospitality solutions to communicate with guests to ultimately increase revenue. These hospitality solutions keep current guests happy and attract new ones. Here are 5 ways hotels can use text messaging to increase revenue while enabling guests to utilize the mobile channel they prefer most.

1. Reservation Reminders

Many guests make spa, restaurant, or other reservations in advance of their stay at the hotel. Many times, they forget about the reservation or show up late. Text messages can alert guests of their reservations so they show up and on time. The reminders are also a great opportunity to encourage them to see if anyone else they are with is interested in joining them.

2. Keep Guests Onsite

Text messaging is the best type of hotel software technology to communicate activities, restaurant deals, events, and more going on in the hotel. This will help keep guests at the hotel and spending more time and money there.

3. Make Reservations Easy

A text messaging system that allows guests to request reservations for the spa or restaurant without having to be put on hold is a guaranteed win. Whether staying at your hotel on business or vacation, no one wants to wait on hold. Text messaging speeds up the process, making it easier for guests and giving them more time to do what they need to do, whether it be work or relaxing.

4. Direct Line to Concierge

Rather than having to wait in line, guests can communicate directly with the concierge, giving them access to amazing service from wherever they are. Happy guests become regulars and the Concierge is one of the most important “keys” to feeling their way around the city while they are visiting.

5. Fill Restaurant Tables

Although a hotel may have a great restaurant on the property that serves great food, it may still underperform. Hotels can alert guests about special deals and discounts for their restaurant. This will increase the number of people who frequent the restaurant instead of leaving the hotel or getting delivery from an outside vendor.

To find out about Mosio’s text messaging solutions for hotels can help you increase revenue at your hotel, call our Hospitality Specialist (Marie) at 877.677.4699 Ext. 704 or email marie((at))mosio((dot))com