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How Text Messaging Improves Guest Services and Process Efficiencies in Hotels


In a short “Ways and Methods” blog series, we’ve compiled a list of our 3 articles about how text messaging improves guest services and process efficiencies at hotels. We’re not talking about mobile marketing, sign up subscribers and send them blasts, these are examples of how you can create a two-way, interactive text messaging conversation with guests to provide them with better service and also to collect insightful feedback from them about their stay with you.

4 Ways to Increase Hotel Staff Process Efficiencies with Text Messaging

7 Methods Hotels Can Implement to Improve Guest Satisfaction Using Mobile Text Messaging

5 Ways Hotels Can Use Text Messaging to Increase Revenue

Text messaging is the best and most efficient way to reach and communicate with the largest number of hotel guests. Text messaging is accessible in ways mobile apps will never be and it is available on 99% of all mobile phones. That doesn’t mean you should give guests your phone number and have them text you directly. Well, you can, but that doesn’t scale. You can use two-way text messaging software built for collaboration so your staff can receive and respond to text messages from your guests. Your guests use their mobile phones, your staff use any internet connected device. Your guests deserve great service and your staff deserve great communication tools to deliver that service. Two way text messaging software enables you to achieve both!

Happy Texting!

The Mosio Team