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mHealth News Bytes: mHealth Initiative in Africa, Mobile Tech Improves Health Monitoring, Boost Mobile Health Care Adoption


Health eVillages launches new mHealth initiative in Africa

An organization by the name of Health eVillagers introduces a new mHealth program in Africa. This program aims to deliver video learning and continuing education tools for medical professionals to help them be informed of the newest clinical procedures. Fully loaded handheld devices were provided equipped with specialized medical reference content and clinical decision support tools.

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£4.7m health tech funding on offer

Northern Ireland offers a great deal of funding to companies willing to invest in innovations and cutting edge technologies for patient’s healthcare. This aims to attract investors in lined with health to do their studies and research in Northern Ireland.

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mHealth technology improves monitoring and therefore cuts costs in healthcare industry

 The Healthcare industry can cut costs with the aid of mHealth Technology. Hospitals can monitor their consumer devices at home via broadband access, thus eventually reduces the costs needed to perform the process.

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An app a day to keep the doctor away?

mHealth improves the way consumers gain health related information via any App driven devices available. Gadgets such as smartphones can be used to monitor their health and fitness, look for counselling and other possibilities easily just by simply accessing the web in their devices.

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How to boost adoption of mobile health care, by report

To improve the adoption to mobile health care, manoeuvring the major obstacle of general notion of change in the healthcare industry is needed.  Healthcare and mHealth works hand in hand in delivering services to consumers in a faster, convenient ,better and cost-efficient way.

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