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mHealth News Byte: In South Africa – Using Mobile Technology to Improve Maternal Health Access, Mobile Technology Is Transforming Healthcare, Growing ‘App’etite for Mobile Health

By May 20, 2013March 13th, 2019No Comments

In South Africa, Using Mobile Technology to Improve Maternal Health Access

This article highlights an amazing story about a first time mother in South Africa that uses routine text messages from her local doctor to learn more about how to look after her child and what the best tips and hints are to look after her child the best way she can. There are also some messages to help teach mothers how to determine whether their baby is ill or not. The mother manages to save time by not going to the doctors each time she has a question, as most of them are answered in the text messages. This technology could be adapted and used worldwide, and could even send different text messages depending on the stage of development in the babies life.

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Mobile health technologies to rapidly test and track infectious diseases

Many around the world will say that prevention is the best form of cure, and it is very true. The earlier you can spot signs of an illness and deal with it, the less time the illness has time to spread to other people. Scientists in in Newcastle are developing a technology that can work as an early warning system that can use the internet and mobile phones to help track serious infectious diseases.

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Mobile Technology Is Transforming Healthcare

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Brazil slum study says mobile health technology could provide savings, improved care for poor

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Growing ‘App’etite for Mobile Health

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