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Integrating Text Messaging with Customer Service

We present to you a great infographic, titled “Taking it to the Text Level” – We agree with literally everything on this infographic and the wonderful stats in it, created by Demandforce and Column Five. Most consumers these days are texting with friends, family and work. More companies and organizations are realizing that it’s not a passing fad, but a great way to communicate quickly, both ways, with their customers, members and employees. There are various ways to integrate text messaging with your customer service channels. We advise you to discuss your options with companies who specialize in text messaging software and solutions to provide you with the best options for your budget and use cases.

Businesses taking advantage of text messaging benefit from cost savings in operations, more access to customers on the go and can take advantage of many mobile users quick access to the mobile web for promotions, coupons and additional information to help customers become fans.

Some of the key takeaways from the infographic:

  • 73% of American mobile phone owners are regular texters.
  • 66% suffer from “nomophobia”, being without your cell phone.
  • 33% of mobile phone users prefer a text message over a voice call.

There are more, below and if you’re looking for ways of integrating text messaging with your customer service or feedback channels, let us know.