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4 Ways to Increase Hotel Staff Process Efficiencies with Text Messaging | Software for Hotel Management

4 Ways to Increase Hotel Staff Process Efficiencies with Text Messaging

Modern day consumers often choose text messaging as their preferred communication method. But text messaging has applications far beyond casual social interaction. In fact, hotel managers can greatly increase their staff efficiency by utilizing the latest in text technology. With Mosio’s hotel text messaging software, it is actually possible to save money while increasing response times. Here are four ways in which Mosio’s web-based mobile technology can improve hotel employee efficiencies:

1. Reduce Guest Service Response Times – With hotel texting software, guests can text staff members instantly, making reservations and asking questions without having to wait on hold. This improves their hotel experience and encourages repeat visits, but ultimately enables staff to handle more guest requests in a short amount of time.

2. Improve Staff Communications – Set up a customizable answer template, a staff member can quickly answer any frequently asked question. Furthermore, when a manager must reprimand an employee, they can do it privately, which spares them both the embarrassment of a public confrontation.

3. Eliminate Lengthy Phone Calls –  Even business calls often turn to mundane topics, such as the weather or local sports events. With text messaging technology, communications are simplified to pertinent information only.

4. Communicate From Everywhere – With hotel texting software, staff members can be reached at any location. This saves one from the task of tracking down an employee, which improves operational efficiency.

For a manager interested in attaining an edge over the competition, hotel management software offers an affordable, user-friendly solution. With text technology, employees are more accessible than ever, and are able to respond within seconds to any communication.