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Text Messaging News: Could TEXTING be the latest way for doctors to diagnose strokes?, Tanzania’s Healthy Pregnancy Text Message Service, Payment via mobile

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Could TEXTING be the latest way for doctors to diagnose strokes?

According to research, texting may be another way to spot stroke symptoms. We already know that garbled and slurred speech are a very clear sign of an upcoming stroke, but an incoherent text message could also be a sign of a stroke. A recent stroke victim could speak and write fine, but after further investigation, texts sent around the time of the stroke showed to be garbled up and filled with less English than normal. This could be used in the future as a sign for loved ones to help those who may be suffering from a stroke.

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Banks Roll Out Customer Service App With Live Mobile Chat

Standing in-line at a bank or waiting on the phone while listening to call center music can make you feel bored and like you’re wasting your time. Two UK banks have tried to replace these two slow methods of communications by offering a mobile chat app that allows business bank users to ask questions to an agent and receive a real reply quickly. If this service gets used a lot, we may end up having to wait for an answer, but if we’re lucky, this could be a solution to those long waiting times in a queue or on a phone.

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Payment via mobile expands to entire Bucharest metro system after pilot project success

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New apps transforming remote parts of Africa

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Tanzania’s Healthy Pregnancy Text Message Service Reaches 100,000 Subscribers in 15 Weeks

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