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Text Messaging News: Cellphone exercise scheme successful, Texting campaign puts heart healthy messages in your pocket, Medicine by Text Message: Learning From the Developing World


Cellphone exercise scheme successful

Sitting in front of a bright screen isn’t exactly what many people would consider the first steps to exercising and staying healthy, but a new exercise scheme may be able to prove those people wrong. 177 people with cardiovascular disease were split into two groups of exercisers. One group received helpful and motivating text messages randomly throughout the day to encourage 30 minutes of exercise, whilst the other group continued with conventional exercise methods. The studies showed that those with the extra SMS help actually felt overall more confident to exercise than those that did not receive any SMS tips.

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Texting campaign puts heart healthy messages in your pocket

The American Heart Association must have taken a page from the books of the New Zealand cardiovascular exercise study because they have now opened up a new text campaign that allows Americans to sign up and receive helpful and encouraging messages to stay healthy and help to reduce the risk of heart disease. In America, heart disease is one of the biggest killers, and by providing tips through SMS the average American will be able to do what they need to stay in top condition.

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The social (studies) network: Africa’s cellular education revolution

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Travel E-Commerce: Customers Prefer the Mobile Source

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Medicine by Text Message: Learning From the Developing World

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