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Mobile Health News: Mobile health helps aphasia patients get long term care, Get a Physical Exam via Smartphone, Technology Makes Way for Change in Children’s Health Care

By June 10, 2013March 18th, 2019No Comments

Technology Makes Way for Change in Children’s Health Care

When you have a certain condition that only a specific doctor can deal with, you may find yourself traveling miles regularly to maintain checkups and when this involves your child or other loved ones it can be very inconvenient and unsettling for everybody involved. Of course, thanks to technology, things can be a whole lot simpler. As an alternative, doctors could in the future contact your child and ensure everything is going well right through the internet. This article points out some examples of just how helpful telemedicine and telehealth can be.

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Mobile Medicine: Get a Physical Exam via Smartphone

We’ve had a look at a physical blood pressure monitor that can be attached to your smartphone before, but it looks as if there are many other medical utilities cropping up that can also function alongside your smartphone. These utilities can provide you with health information you may otherwise have to visit the doctor for. It’s not exactly cheap at this point, but some devices will allow you to use your smartphone as your personal health checker, allowing you to keep track of certain conditions such as heart rate or blood sugar levels.

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Mobile health helps aphasia patients get long term care

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The Power of Technology Can Transform Healthcare and Save Lives

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Mhealth program in Thailand uses app to collect medical data

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