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Mobile Health News: Innovative Medical Apps, Siberian smartphone device texts ovulation alerts, Telemedicine helps treat patients in Acadiana


Mobile technology could save billions of dollars on health care costs

Who’s keen for the idea of saving billions of dollars? Everybody we hope! Being able to cut costs without cutting corners can really help the daily lives of you and everybody around us by allowing governments to spend money elsewhere on other important aspects. By using mobile technology and mhealth, we may be able to save billions of dollars on health care costs. Not only that, but mhealth won’t affect anyone negatively, and in fact will do the outright opposite by allowing patients quicker routes to communication with a doctor and other tools to help them keep track of their own health.

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Siberian smartphone device texts ovulation alerts

Although we all have a planned date to have a baby, it’s unlikely you’ll give birth on that exact date. For this reason it can be a little scary to be close to giving birth, especially when you have a lot of things to do. It would be nice to be ready to give birth in a comfortable environment and a smartphone technology being developed in Siberia may be able to help pregnant women with this. The technology can track a few bits of information to predict the best and most likely time for birth and will even text out alerts at the beginning of ovulation.

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The Future of Mobile Technology in Medicine: Innovative Medical Apps

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mHealth impact in Brazil, Mexico could be huge – report

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Telemedicine helps treat patients in Acadiana

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