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Eight Mobile Apps for Nursing Students

Mobile technologies have been in the healthcare industry for awhile now, but with the mobile phone more popular than ever, it makes sense that those in school can use technology to their advantages. This guest post about mobile apps for nursing students is from Jessica Bosari who writes for Allied Health World.

Eight Mobile Apps for Nursing Students

Nursing students have dozens of iPhone and iPad apps from which to choose. These apps provide quick information on everything from medical terms to medication guides.


The Epocrates apps come in three different levels. You can purchase the Essentials Deluxe app for $199 per year, Essentials for $159 per year, or RX Pro for $99 per year. If you’re a student on a budget, they also offer free apps like RX Free and Mobile Resource Centers Free. All of the apps provide up to date information about caring for patients.

Davis Drug Guide

This $39.95 app provides the latest information about medications on the market today. The more than 5,000 listed medications are easily cross-referenced. You can customize the app with bookmarks, and the app provides access to the latest drug information from the FDA.


For .99 cents you can have a portable quiz card system on your iPad or iPhone to help you prepare for the NCLEX. The app will provide randomized questions and answers so that you can practice with fresh material each time you take a new quiz.


Eponyms is a free app that contains hundreds of definitions and descriptions of medical eponyms. You can search the index alphabetically, or look or specific terms individually. Searching for a general term will bring up results that include that term in the description or in the title of the eponym. This is an excellent tool for a nursing student who needs to look up eponyms quickly.

Nursing Essentials

This $5.99 app is an overview of many of the topics a nursing student would need to access for almost any part of the program. It includes photos, diagrams, lists, and descriptions divided into different classification. There is a respiratory section, cardiac section, neurological section, and a section for medical emergencies. The overall assessment section provides standard information that is useful in the classroom or at the bedside.

Micromedix Drug Information

This free app helps with drug names and classifications. Nurses can search through hundreds of drugs that are currently in use and click on a toggle button to see under what class each medication falls. The only problem with this app is that it takes you back to the home screen when you close it and open it again rather than remembering where you were. Otherwise, it is a handy, easy-to-use drug reference tool.

Nursing Central

This $159.99 nursing app is like having a complete nursing school manual in your iPhone or iPad. It contains information about diseases, drugs, and testing that would be important for any nursing student. It also includes 60,000 medical terms and access to a comprehensive online database.

Five Minute Clinical Consult

For $99.95, this app provides simple guidance for handling hundreds of different kinds of medical conditions. It also includes diagnostic tools and sections devoted entirely to pediatrics. The app does not need an internet connection to enjoy full access to all of its features.

Jessica Bosari writes about technology for nursing students at The site helps students find the medical career information such as the average medical billing and coding salary.

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  • Tatango says:

    Awesome! My sister is a nurse and I’ve shared this with her. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tori says:

    I’m a 3rd year nursing student at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and my professor has recommended that we all download iTriage. It’s a simple symptom checker and provides useful information to thousands of diseases. A great resource to have. I highly recommend all nursing students have this on their smartphone!