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8 Meeting Survey Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Attendees

If you’re organizing an event, getting feedback from attendees is crucial for improving future events and ensuring the success of your business. But, what questions should you be asking in a post-event survey? In this blog post, we’ll be sharing eight meeting survey questions that you absolutely must ask attendees following your next event. These questions range from asking about overall satisfaction with the event to specific aspects like venue, speakers, and event dates. By including a variety of question types, such as rating scales, yes or no questions, and open-ended questions, you’ll appeal to a wider range of attendees and gather more valuable feedback. Plus, with Mosio, you can easily send automatic communication and receive real-time responses to adjust your future meeting plans accordingly. So, let’s dive into the questions that will help you make your next event even better!

Post-event survey questions help you get a read on your attendees while also showing you what you could change to improve future events. While the answers to these questions can give you the morale boost that you may need, they can also point you in new directions and help you grow future attendance size. Here are eight meeting survey questions that you absolutely must ask attendees following your next event.

1. How Satisfied Were You with This Event?

This straightforward question lets attendees answer using a numerical scale. You may want to ask for ratings on specific parts of the event, such as the venue, speakers and event dates, if you are looking for an in-depth understanding of attendee satisfaction.

2. How Likely Are You to Recommend This Event to a Friend?

These questions should also use a numerical rating scale. Your chance for continued growth will be reflected in the answer you receive here.

3. What Part of This Event Did You Like the Most?

It can be difficult to realize that not everyone has the same goals and preferences that you do. However, this open-ended question will help you see what you should focus on at your next event.

4. What Part of This Event Did You Like the Least?

In the same way, it may surprise you to learn what participants liked least about the event. It may be the length of sessions, the dates of the event or even the venue’s bathrooms. These answers will give you a chance to change for the better.


5. How Did You Learn About This Event?

This question can give you a glimpse into a possible advertising campaign for your next event. Whether through social media or word-of-mouth, you will see where your marketing techniques were most effective.

6. Did You Receive the Information You Needed Before the Event?

Let attendees answer on a scale that moves from none of the information to all of the information.

7. Do You Think This Event Met Its Goals?

While you are not specifically stating your own goals for this event, you are letting attendees give a simple yes or no as to whether they felt the event was helpful.

8. How Can We Improve Future Events?

This open-ended question lets attendees provide feedback on any event topic that has not previously been addressed.

Meeting survey questions let you better understand how others experience your events. By including a variety of questions, including questions with simple rating scales, yes and no questions and open-ended questions with plenty of room for comments, you will appeal to the widest range of people, allowing you to get the most answers possible.

As you plan your next set of meeting survey questions for post-event followup, be sure to work with Mosio for easy, automatic communication, simple survey texts and real-time responses that allow you to adjust your future meeting plans. Attendees will appreciate your attention to their needs and will love the simplicity of texting.