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Mobile Newsbyte: Physicians Communicate Through Text Messaging, Therapeutic Text Messages, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS

Most pediatric hospital physicians communicate through cell phone text messaging

According to research, a lot of pediatric physicians use mobile text messaging rather than pager method in communicating with colleagues to requests for assistance or transmitting questions. This is shown in the study entitled “Text Messaging as a Means of Communication among Pediatric Hospitalists”.

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What Types of Therapeutic Text Messages Do People in Recovery Want?

Short messaging servicing technique has been used as tool for intervention programs. The survey shows several messages people in recovery wanted to receive such as recognition as to number of days clean, likes friends to be notified, wanted a therapist be informed if he or she is going to relapse.

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Africa: New UN Initiative Uses Mobile Technology to Help Fight Non-Communicable Diseases

Mobile Technology via text messaging and applications was launched in Africa as part of tackling non-communicable illness to the public. These diseases are some of the leading causes of death both in developed and emerging countries. Disease prevention, control and treatment can be addressed in a wider spectrum via mHealth innovation.

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Skin cancer prevention via text message

Texting is an effective way of getting the attention of middle school children, whom The University of Arizona Cancer Center started sending text messages about skin cancer prevention. The result shows that children were very positive about the program and showed their interest by quoting   “I learned a lot from them” or “I think it’s a pretty cool way to get information”.

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Texting more Popular than Talking on Phone

According to the study conducted by Ofcom, many people now prefer texting rather than calling on phone. People are now more on quick text messaging instead of having a face to face conversation as well.

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