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Anti Bullying Text Messaging – Software and Service

Bullying continues to be a huge problem in and out of schools. The most recent news of Karen Klein (the school bus monitor who was bullied by a few middle schoolers in Greece, NY) has brought even more needed attention to the issue. The outpouring of support she continues to receive shows that nearly everyone has a personal story or association with it.

Techno Justice

If Karen’s bullying hadn’t been caught on a mobile phone, a completely different story would be told. One of “she said, they said” and “kids will be kids”, but technology in this case didn’t only save the day. It shed a global light on how cruel bullies can be. Mosio currently powers text messaging software and solutions for anti-bullying services and the product team is currently working on building out our platform to include the newest mobile technologies to help those who are bullied get the assistance they need to put an end to it. That said, text messaging is absolutely the best channel on mobile devices to help kids, teens and young adults report instances of bullying and get the best support.

There’s a great TED Talk from Nancy Lublin below that talks about the power of text messaging and how it saves lives. In her talk she gives several different examples of how her organization helps thousands of young people every year, bullying being one of them. If you have a few minutes, definitely watch the video and if you are looking for a text messaging solution for anti bullying, please let us know. We’re happy to help and will put together a quick quote for service for your school or organization.