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SMS to Screen Solutions – 5 Things the Event Management Pros Know About Text Messaging at Events and Conferences

Mosio works with some of the best event management agencies, firms and consultants in the country. Event management pros acknowledge that one of the most effective ways to engage conference and other event participants is through technology. With SMS to screen services, event management pros know they can harness technology in an inclusive and innovative way. More and more conferences are making use of SMS to screen services for the following reasons:

1. SMS to screen services use carrier-approved short codes to ensure event-goers can send their messages and encourage them to participate.

Short codes are much shorter in length than phone numbers that individuals usually send text messages to. Designed to be easy to remember, short codes make it simple for event-goers to participate. Short codes mean a more profitable, popular and successful event.

2. Great tech support is an ultimate must.

Without it, it’s difficult to make an event run smoothly. If an event relies on technology — it has to be there or the event can’t run.

3. The screen and text message are great places for ad sponsorship.

When you add “brought to you by” at the end of your text messages, you get your sponsors names in front of the eyes of all your guests — meaning you’re more likely to get sponsorships.

4. Texting is catching.

Once one person starts to participate, others will immediately want to get involved in the unique technology — they’ll start pulling out their phones too.

5. The best software is web-based.

Event-goers and event management pros need to be able to access their software from anywhere — whether they want to trouble shoot or just respond to messages — accessibility is a must-have.

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