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5 Reasons Text Messaging is the Best Tool for your Event Surveys

Did you hear the news? Text messaging is now the best tool for your event surveys, and fortunately, the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Event organizers understand that collecting data and feedback from attendees is extremely important, but were you aware that text messaging is the best way to complete this important task? We won’t put you on the spot for too long, instead, we will share the top five reasons text messaging is definitely the most effective tool for your event surveys. 

Reach Participants Anytime, Anywhere 

Let’s get real: We carry our phones with us everywhere we go. Since most attendees also keep their mobile phones with them at all times, using text messaging for event surveys just makes sense. 

Makes Completing Surveys Easy 

Due to the accessibility of mobile phones, text messaging is an extremely easy way for attendees to respond to survey questions. Most participants would agree that receiving conference survey questions via text sure does beat getting them through phone or email! 

Experience Quick Response Times 

When you make responding to an event evaluation easy, now is the time to get excited because you’ll be on your way to experiencing rapid response times in collecting valuable feedback. 

Obtain More Survey Results 

Did you know that text messaging is the preferred method of communication by virtually all consumers of every demographic? Given this well-know fact, there’s a greater chance that participants will actually complete the surveys if they are sent by text message. 

Maintain Easy, Ongoing Communications 

After using text messaging to collect data from participants, you’ll be able to keep in touch with them much easier. To ensure that the communication remains ongoing, remember to include a simple call to action at the end of the survey such as asking participants to subscribe to lists or visit your company on social media. 

Don’t Miss These Tips For Developing Great Event Survey Questions! 

Now that you have read all of this great information, don’t you agree that using text messaging for an event evaluation makes perfect sense? Before you dash off to integrate text messaging into your surveys, just remember to keep these important things in mind when creating your event questions. 

– Keep the meeting, event or conference survey questions short and sweet 

– Ensure that your collected data will be organized by using multiple choice questions 

– Make sure that the last question is a free response so that attendees will feel comfortable sharing unlimited honest feedback 

– Send a brief thank you message to participants and then encourage them to check out your social media or website in the text 

– Use software that enables you to send SMS surveys or a link to a mobile web survey for smartphone users.
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