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Surveys and Live Polls

Easy-to-use text messaging software for audience engagement

Deploying surveys and polls to your audience is completes the loop for a truly interactive event. Enabling them to ask questions via text messaging is just the beginning with Mosio. Whether you are looking to offer live polls, an easy to use audience response system, text message surveys, or audience voting, our system enables you to do it with ease. Using Mosio, you can send out an SMS survey before and after your event. Then, at your event, you can offer polls on different screens or monitors around the event, literally offering polls everywhere.

One way we’re different:

We count by attendees and the number of surveys, not by responses, text messages, poll questions, or the number of survey answers. Your survey or poll can include as many questions as you like. While other services may only let you have one poll question for a poll, with Mosio you can ask as many questions as you like, providing you with the ability to gather as much information as possible from your attendees.

Live Audience Polling and Event Survey Uses

Audience Response
Live Polling
Pre-Event Survey Questions
Post-Event Satisfaction Surveys
Live Voting

Try it now! Text SURVEY to 415-802-0099 from your mobile phone (US and Canada only).

Text Message Surveys for Feedback and Opinions

Our surveys module is web-based and easy-to-use, giving you the ability to create surveys or live polls on the fly.

Interaction with employees and providing them with easy, comfortable ways to participate in town hall meetings give them a voice and makes them feel their opinion matters — they matter. As a result, not only do employees get a sense of validation, but the company gains real-time, important feedback and information.

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