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Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, we’re a group of event, marketing, and healthcare industry veterans who started to see the power of mobile technologies, specifically text messaging, as a way to communicate more efficiently and effectively. With our combined experience and listening to customer viewpoints from a variety of use cases (hotlines, health services, customer support, workforce communications, conferences), we created a two-way, interactive text messaging platform helping organizations increase audience engagement through question and answer, text-to-screen, live polling, and surveys on every mobile phone.

Your patrons use the text messaging feature on their mobile phones, you and your staff use our web-based software, accessible via laptop or tablet. The software is easy to use and nearly all of our clients are able to understand and master the technology during their 14-day trial to begin using it for their event. We won’t go into how it works on this page, but if you’re here, we hope this additional information is enough for you to give us a try, on the house.

Thanks and we look forward to serving you.

The Mosio Team

Mosio, Inc.
115 N 85th Street
Suite 202
Seattle, WA 98103

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