Mosio Customer Onboarding - Training Videos

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These training videos will take you through the set up process and cover almost everything you need to get started. Time is your best teacher, but watching these will give you a head start to expert status. Login to Mosio

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TextChat and Alerts - Instructions

Step 1: Setting Up Text for Instructions, Auto-Responders and Answer Templates

How to set up your Text for Instructions, Custom Auto-Responders and Answer Templates (Canned Responses) in your Mosio account.

Step 2: Microboard Settings and How Users Text You

How to update your Microboard and Login settings. Notifications, timezone, profile set up and how users text you.

Step 3: Receive + Respond to Text Messages from Customers, Employees, Audiences

Respond to Incoming Text Messages: Two Way TextChat - Text Messaging Software

Step 4: QuickSend - Start a TextChat

How to send a one-time text message to a single user that they can be replied to in a conversational format.

Step 5: SMS Lists - Text Message Alerts, Reminders and Announcements

Build an SMS List of subscribers. Schedule text message reminders and alerts in real-time or in the future. Users can respond to alerts and being two-way text messaging "textchat" with you, creating an excellent interactive mobile experience.

Events Services - Instructions

Mosio for Events Video Tutorial

Learn how to set up your account, receive questions from the audience and post to our generic text to screen graphic.

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